Relationships vs. Study: Hard Truth of Being a College Freshman

For those college freshman, who think that the new era of life is a great opportunity to start new relationships.

Here is the list of 10 reasons why you should reconsider your opinion:

  1. TIME: That’s your time and you don’t have it in abundance. The first couple of years will be the most difficult ones and you need to devote all your attention to study. It’s your chance to become a top-performing and respected student. If you split your time between your paramour and study, you probably won’t be successful in any of these endeavors.
  2. YOU’RE YOUNG: You don’t have to haste with building a relationship, because you will have plenty of opportunities in the future. Better focus on your studies first.
  3. SPACE: You know that student life involves hard partying. Do you want your partner to hold you back from visiting all these parties? Being in a relationship will hold you back from experiencing the things that freshman years are famous for.
  4. EXPERIENCE: The world is full of possibilities, so don’t rush. Get more experience and take your time to understand what the world has to offer you in order to realize what you really need.
  5. SELF-GROWTH: You have to be mature before starting a relationship. The experience of thousands of couples shows that the best relationships are formed by those people who are self-reliable, and not by those who seek solace in their partner. Grow as a person before you start serious relationships.
  6. FRIENDS: There are girls who start ditching all her other friends after finding a boyfriend. It’s much better to find good friends before forming a serious relationship with someone.
  7. MISTAKES: If you make mistakes in relationships, chances are high that you will also start making mistakes in study, because of the negative condition of mind that you acquire. You don’t want this.
  8. GRADES: That should be your college priority. You don’t go to the college to start a relationship; you go there to get a good education. Focus on that.
  9. EXTRA-CURRICULAR: College is a great time to discover and develop your talents. Try everything you can – gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, music, art, etc. If you are in relationships, you won’t have time for all this.
  10. PATIENCE: Have patience and don’t worry about the future. Your time will certainly come and you will find your soulmate. Just don’t rush the course of events. Chances are that all these reasons listed in this article are worthless for you, because your soulmate is waiting to meet you during the first year at college. However, these chances are small and you’d better focus on self-growth, education and getting new experiences that will make you a mature, self-aware and understanding person. Remember, that those good things to people who wait.
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Date: May 29, 2017