5 Useful Open Educational Resources

November 21, 2016

Did you know that the OCW Consortium is celebrating 10 years of OpenCourseWare? The movement that is crucial in terms of boosting education in the country has been available for a decade already. Universities have posted a lot of syllabi and handouts online. Nevertheless, there is still a need for engagement or interaction with the material.

Considering the wide usage and popularity of open educational resources, we would like to suggest some new ones that are definitely worth your attention. I guess you already know about Wikipedia or Khan Academy. Thus, here is a list of some more resources about which you probably do not know.

How to be a better student with the help of Open Educational Resources

Let us get the ball rolling and discover the handiest tips for studying.

  1. The Peer 2 Peer University.

The Peer 2 Peer University is an open community that was founded in order to facilitate studying process for those who prefer learning online. Anyone can both create and take a course. Additionally, P2PU does not charge tuition. Therefore, P2PU is absolutely accessible for people learning a topic or sharing their knowledge on it.

  1. OpenStudy.

OpenStudy is a successful mix of online courses and interaction with peers. This collection of groups for studying contains broad topics as well as specific courses. Besides, OpenStudy provides an opportunity to meet your peers from all over the world and share your experience and knowledge with each other.

  1. NIXTY.

NIXTY is a service made to empower education for teachers, students, and institutions. Its main goal is to support open education resources so that people have free access to the learning assets that NIXTY offers.

  1. iUniv.

iUniv is a learning platform designed to build web and mobile apps. This Japanese startup supports and makes video and audio content for OpenCourseWare. This content can be shared to such social networks as Twitter or Facebook. As a result, students can easily engage with their peers in discussion.

  1. Connextions.

Connextions is a useful source of more than 17,000 learning modules that are free and open-licensed. It was created in order to share and reuse educational content.

Consider using these handy study tools for students so that you may achieve the heights in the chosen field and become proud of your academic grades. 


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