Need Help With APA Format Papers?

APA is a writing style developed, updated and maintained by the American Psychological Association. Generally speaking, it is recommended that writers apply the APA style to essays and papers that fall into the following disciplines.

  • Social sciences: The majority of the subject matter that falls into the social sciences category requires the use of the APA style. This includes Criminology, Economics, Linguistics, Psychology and Sociology, to name but some
  • Business subjects
  • Nursing

Over the years of usage a number of modifications have been made to this style. As a result there are a lot of students who are not aware of the updates and their papers are often poorly formatted. Those who fail to adhere to the correct stylistic rules are likely to have marks deducted from their final grading. However, if you placed your order with you have no need to worry. Our team consists of highly-qualified writers who are conversant with every aspect of the APA style. We always assign an essay pro to your request so that you end up with a perfectly formatted paper.
It is worth noting that has an obligation to adhere precisely to the instructions provided by our customers, although we will offer appropriate advice as required. It is also important to remember that the APA formatting style is not limited to the subjects listed above and we will work to any guidelines you provide.

The Most Common APA Errors That Students Make

There is a number of common mistakes that students tend to make when trying to apply the APA style to written work. A great benefit of engaging the services of is that all your apa format papers will be free of those errors. We guarantee to assign a knowledgeable writer to your project – one that is totally conversant with the latest version of the APA formatting style, which means there will be no formatting errors in your apa essay or research paper. It may also be worth noting that we offer other services, as well as writing assistance. These include proofreading and editing help, therefore, if you wish, we can make sure that your papers are also free of grammar, spelling, punctuation, language, typo and other errors. Some of the common errors that students get caught with when writing an apa format research paper include:

  • Incorrect use of page numbering
  • Incorrect use of hyphenation
  • Incorrect use of ’et al’ in apa format papers
  • Incorrect use of capitalization and punctuation in headings
  • Erroneous use of the word ‘since’ when the correct word is ‘because’
  • Incorrect presentation of figures and tables
  • Failure to use serial comma, even when appropriate
  • Use of acronyms and abbreviations when the terms should be spelled out in full
  • Use of the word ‘and’ when the ampersand should be used.

These are just some of the errors that are commonly made by students when they are writing essays, research and apa thesis papers. While the writers at help customers with all types of papers – from standard essay papers to apa dissertation papers – their work is always free of error. And anyone looking for proofreading and/or editing services can be certain our experts will identify and correct any unintentional formatting mistakes as well as grammatical errors.

Our Guarantees

Those who choose the APA writing services offered by will receive the following:

  • Well-organized content
  • Correct use of the up-to-date APA version (unless the customer states otherwise)
  • Correct use of APA in-text citation
  • Use of correct fonts,  proper spacing, table layouts and margins
  • Correct application of APA referencing rules.