Annotated Bibliography

If you have been asked to include an Annotated Bibliography with your essay or some other type of academic paper, you should become fully acquainted with the information you intend to include. And, of course, if you don’t already know how to write an annotated bibliography, this is something you should also familiarize yourself with. Essentially, a bibliography is an addendum to an essay or academic paper listing and summarizing the sources or reference material used throughout the paper. In cases where the bibliography is of the annotated variety, the annotations can vary in the type of information you include and in the way that information is presented.

The summary is one type of annotation. Here, the writer only needs to list the topics that are covered in a particular article or textbook and a brief overview of each one. If you refer to any reasonably well-written annotated bibliography sample, you will see that another type is the assessment. This requires the writer to provide an explanation as to the usefulness of a particular source and whether the information it provides differs in any significant way from the information provided in other sources. Of all the types of annotated bibliographies, the reflection type is possibly the most complicated because it requires the writer to describe exactly how they have used a particular source in their research work. You should also mention if a particular source has altered your understanding of the subject matter in any way. Clearly, a writer may use any or all of these annotated bibliography types, with much dependent upon the subject matter you are writing about. However, there is one thing you can depend on and that is you will always encounter some obstacles, irrespective of how diligent your effort.

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