Additional Services

Progressive Delivery Service

With progressive delivery service, you can guide the writing process of a large and difficult piece of academic writing. Mostly, clients find this service really favorable when it comes to handling 20-page double-spaced papers or 10-page single-spaced papers).

Perks of Progressive Order Delivery:

  1. Your assignment is given to top-rated professionals in our team;
  2. You can receive assistance from a personal manager, who monitors whether the writer works on the paper consistently and responsibly. Besides, the personal manager ensures proper communication process is maintained between you and your assigned writer;
  3. You have your paper sent to you in separate parts (or drafts). As such, you are sure that the writer has sufficient time to work on each paper section and that he/ she does not write the paper overnight;
  4. You get 30 days for sending free revision requests.

How Many Drafts You Get?

The quantity of drafts is dependent on the entire time you allow your writer for the paper finalization.

For example, if the urgency comprises 4 days and less, you will be delivered one draft (after 50% the deadline has ceased).

If the time limit frame you have announced on the website is 5-11 days, then you get two drafts (after 25% and 50% of the time boundary has respectively expired).

If the deadline comprises 12 days and more, you get three drafts (after 25%, 50%, and 75% of the deadline expiry).

In accordance with the company’s policy, the first draft volume is 25% of the required paper length, the second – 50%, and the third one – 75%.

The Progressive delivery option cost 15% to the order price.

Customers are given the right to change the schedule of getting drafts depending on the assigned paper requirements and personal needs and wishes. Such aspects could be discussed with the personal manager.

1. Summary

A paper summary refers to a short overview (300words) of the major points that have been brought to light in the body of the paper. If you are required to provide an oral presentation or deliver a report on your paper findings, paper summary will come in handy.

2. Draft

You receive a one-page draft if you pay for this supplementary service. It will provide you with an opportunity to double-check if the writer is moving in the right direction with your composition. If you have bought a single-spaced paper, you will be sent a 600-word draft. In case of a double-spaced paper ordered by you, you will get a 300-word draft after 50% of the deadline is over.

3. Extended Revision

Instead of the ordinary 48 hours provided for free revision requests, you will acquire 14 days throughout which you will be able to ask your assigned writer to revise your paper.