College Checklist for Freshman

September 12, 2016

If you’re ready to start shopping for the dorm room with your college freshmen, the craziness about purchasing the most important things is about to make your head spin. Here are the tips on how to avoid extra expenses, panic, and unexpected emotional breakdown.

1. Get familiar with the stuff in the dorm room where your child is going to stay.

Ask your kid to collect the information about the dorm room, because letting them have their own responsibilities will calm you down and involve your kid in the preparation process. Find out if there’s air conditioning, microwave or its rental options, a rug, coffee pots, a closet, a dresser, and a lamp. The list of things may be extended according to your kid’s needs.

2. Avoid the possible duplication of staff by coordinating the college dorm room checklist with the roommate.

Before buying any college necessities, ask your daughter or son to contact his/her roommate and decide who will bring some of the following items: a TV set, a rug, an iron, window coverings, bathroom items, cleaning products, and the other stuff.

3. Make sure you have a shopping list coordinated with your kid.

It helps to avoid unnecessary purchases and helps to stick to the budget you’ve planned for shopping.

4. Count on your budget when going shopping.

Create a budget for college shopping list, and include your kid while making a list and calculating costs. You should also decide what items you and your kid will pay separately. It will prepare your kid for taking responsibility for his own budget.

5. Include your child in the decision-making process.

Try not to voice your opinions too much and let your child enjoy the freedom of having a new place and choosing the way he or she lives. Even if they do something you don’t like, they will be alright. That’s their experience and responsibilities they have to live through.

6. Don’t forget to buy enough fans.

If there’s no air conditioning in the dorm room, the first weeks can resemble living in hell. Buy as many fans as the dormitory can allow. Small fans all over your kid’s dorm room can save your offspring from overheating.

7. Remember about candle ban.

Fire code is one of the most important things in the residence halls. It doesn’t allow candles in rooms, since they cause fire in the majority of cases. completely You can always give your child battery candles.

8. Microfiber will help you take care of bedding.

Microfiber is exactly what you should be looking for! Sheets made of microfiber are super soft and easy to clean!

9. Don’t forget to include command hooks in your shopping list.

Take care of purchasing a lot of command hooks if they are allowed, and give back what you don’t need to use.

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