Grinchy Holiday or How to Survive When You Hate the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

December 24, 2016

Yes, people who hate holidays exist and you know Taylor was definitely right “Haters gonna hate…” What is even more, you also hate holidays. Admit it. How do you feel when holidays are coming? Do you really enjoy these blasting Christmas songs? Really? Does hearing for the millions time “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” “Jingle Bells” make you happy?

And you are not annoyed by people asking for donations everywhere, crowded stores, friends who become obsessed with selling and buying? Well, then you are a suicide bomber. For those who understand the true nature of ‘holly jolly holidays,' we prepared a survival guide.

1)    Un-Christmassy Food

Do not eat turkey or ham if you do not want to. You can order Chinese food. First, it is so un-Christmassy, and the second, Chinese places will not be crowded during the holiday season.

2)    Sending cards and Giving Gifts

Why should you send cards to people you have not spoken with all year? This is a very unpleasant way of spending time. Instead, you can create un-Christmas cards and send them only to people who you care about. The closest ones will understand your desire to be apart from the traditional celebration. The same thing with gifts. 

Choosing gifts tip: gift certificates are the best present to buy for everyone who is freaked out by malls at Christmas.

3) Volunteering

Do not volunteer. No, I am not a heartless Grinch, I just truly believe that people need help during all year round, not only at big holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Statistics say that hospitals and shelters are packed with volunteers at this time. Volunteering should be more than once-a-year tradition.

4) You Pick the Music

Holiday music will be playing everywhere, so you need to be prepared. Create your non-holiday playlist for work, car, and home. In this case, you can quickly forget what season of the year it is. 

5) It Is Movie Time

Obviously, you will not enjoy watching Christmas-themed movies. This means you need to be prepared: choose theaters that show non-holiday movies.

P.S. Sherlock season 4 will go on air on January 1, 2017. Pleasant viewing 😉

6) Gym Time

While everybody will be partying and eating Christmas food, you can take care of your body. It is hard to follow your workout schedule during holidays, but empty gyms may become additional motivation for holidays-haters.

7) Do Not Ruin Holidays for Those Who Love Them 

If you have a grinchy mood, it does not mean that you have to steal Christmas from people around. They have the right to love this time of the year as well as you can hate it. So, give your beloved ones warm and cozy wishes. 

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