How to Deal With Being Overwhelmed

March 23, 2017
How to Deal With Being Overwhelmed

There are periods in our lives when everything is going smoothly, we’re getting what we want, circumstances are favorable to us and no one can disappoint us.

Excellent periods! But life isn’t always like this. It is constantly changing – full of ups and downs. There are other periods in life which are full of stress, negativity, and overwhelming events and emotions. Most people evaluate them as negative, but it is a huge mistake as these periods are given to us to learn a lesson or two. As I was going through the overwhelming period lately, I put up a list of good pieces of advice that can help go through these phases with dignity and reduce the stress. I hope that they will help you just as they have helped me.

1. Plan. You probably create to-do lists from time to time, but periods like this require turning it into a habit. Having a clear to-do list for every day that includes top 3 things that you should do will give you a right focus and help you accomplish things that really matter. Just make sure you’re including right points and give them appropriate priorities. Evernote is a good software to keep your lists organized.

2. Sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll certainly become a horrible person, because all your negative tendencies will double or triple. If you’re tired, it is not just your productivity that decreases but also the ability to give events an adequate reaction. Tired people tend to dramatize.

  • Prioritize. You want to accomplish everything, but in reality, you can only do one thing at a time. So distinguish a right thing and do it first. Once done, go to the next important thing.  
  • This Time Will Pass. When we get into the overwhelming period, it may seem that it will never end because days feel like weeks and weeks feel like months. It’s just a game of our mind plays with us, because it wants us to avoid that amount of stress. Remember that all is changing and this period shall pass away too. Think of how many days or weeks you have to work in such a regime and think that when this period will be over you will finally be able to relax.
  • Mind Your Health. It is very important during these periods not to forget about your health. If you run yourself wrecked, then even when you come to the period of relaxation, you won’t be able to relax because you will simply forget how to do it and all your body will remember about is your stress. Do morning exercise, practice yoga or meditation, and try to relax at the end of each day. There’s no way you should allow yourself to turn your body into stretched string.

With this knowledge, don’t be afraid of anything and be grateful for these periods as they give you a precious experience.

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