Inspiration and How it Works

May 15, 2017
Inspiration and How it Works

Actually, inspiration is quite a difficult term. Unfortunately, we cannot control this entire process, but we can learn how to encourage our brains to be more creative.

What and How Affects Inspiration

We already know about the principles of creativity, and we have also acknowledged that the best time for creativity is when you’re relaxed or even boozy. The reason for that is the concept called neuroplasticity.

To put it simple, neuroplasticity means that your brain is able to establish new connections and form neural pathways all your life through. When you’re making new connections between two thoughts, your brain is improving and becoming more flexible.

The process of forming new ways of thinking isn’t on its highest productivity level all the time. Our brain goes through the high level of beta brain waves when we’re concentrated or alert. Then, when we are preparing to sleep, it slows down, and creativity is not that effective anymore.

Sure, your brain isn’t working in one state at a time, but principles remain the same. The more new connections your brain generates, the more flexible it is.

How to improve your Neuroplasticity and Find Inspiration

Actually, by doing particular things, you can improve the flexibility of your brain. Here are some ideas to help you out:

  • Exercises have effect on neuroplasticity of particular brain areas.
  • Reading helps to establish new neural connections and improve the flexibility of your brain.
  • Meditations bring a lot of positive effects, including decreased anxiety, increased compassion and creativity.
  • Computer games raise the level of gray matter in your brain.

But what to do if you need inspiration right now?

How to Boost Inspiration

Let’s imagine you have a project which requires some great ideas to live. You have no time to wait for it to come, right? So, here are some basic things you can do to make it happen:

  • Take everything into consideration.   Embrace any idea you have, don’t idealize. Yeah, it’s not perfect, but it can be a departure point for a better one.
  • Define your idea pools. Before doing anything creative, find some similar works to get inspired. For example, when I am about to work in Photoshop, I get inspired at Deviantart forum – a place where people are discussing different pieces of art.
  • Be Ready to Document Ideas Everywhere. You don’t want to miss the brilliant idea, right? Make it possible to write down ideas wherever you are. Even when you’re in bed, you have to have a way to document your idea, because inspiration often strikes suddenly.
  • Get Feedback. Communicate with other people. Discuss your ideas with friends, and they can give you their own ideas. Of course, you might not use them, but they will help you improve your own.

Yeah, inspiration is not the easiest thing to handle, but it gets easier with practice. Exercise your brain and be ready to write down brilliant ideas, your brain will take care of the rest.

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