Tips on public speaking

May 4, 2017
Tips on public speaking

Jerry Seinfield once said, “I read that public speaking is number one fear of an average person. Second is death!  It means that you rather be dead than doing the eulogy.”

Most of us can easily remember the first time they spoke in public and a huge impact of it. A friend of mine had to give a public speech at school when he was 15. His classmates laughed at him, and therefore he wasn’t able to speak up for plenty of years. After he was promoted at work and was responsible for holding group meetings, he realised that this fear prevented his career.

I often have clients, who want to elevate their level of public speech. And a question I ask them all the time is “what are you exactly afraid of?”

The answer is a fear of not being accepted. Social acceptance is in our nature. We are very vulnerable to opinions. We are afraid of criticism from others. But of course, you can change it. I will give you three basic hints for public speaking, which will help you to perform well.

1)Define the motives

Defined motives always give you encouragement. An intention makes you aware of why this is important, and it will subconsciously help you speak up better. You would ask, what is the difference between intention and goal? Well, a goal is more defined in the future. Intention is more flexible and gives you a clear vision of what you want to reach.

2) Emotional state

Mental state is often more important than your actions. Ask yourself, why are you on stage?

It’s hard, but possible to make up a new emotional state, which will help you in your efforts. For instance, listen to the song, which will make you believe in you and track its impact. Make it your personal ritual. Most famous speakers have their personal rituals before their speeches.  However, do it wisely. Besides just learning how to achieve that state, learn how to maintain it.

3) Improvisation comes with training

You can create any ritual you want in order to success with your speech. Prepare previously and talk about the things you are familiar with. Good improvisation comes with hard preparation. Prepare your why, what and how and then let your improvisation take over the situation.

Quotes to be inspired

 “Jerry Seinfield once stated his personal point about social fear. If public speaking really a matter of life and death, I choose to be myself and live. Be yourself too. Appreciate it and share it with others.” Peter Koijen

 “I think that public speaking is the way to deliver the information, and when people can easily interpret it, the speaker is considered to be good.” Malin Hedlund

 “Public speaking is not just about giving out the information. It is a dialogue with your public. By adapting to what people want is how you actually do the performance.” Bo Dumitrescu


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